Susan Templeman presenting certificate to Gordon Douglas from Douglas Plumbing for supplying equipment

Clean Up Australia Day

49 volunteers assembled at Bona Vista Park on Sunday the 4th March. Kevin O’Connor the organiser, gave a briefing. Then the teams were dispatched to various locations in the Town area. A Hughe variety of rubbish was picked up by the volunteers, ranging from car doors, Tyers, mattresses, and carpet which had been dumped by…

Lost 4 year-old child found safe!

The people of Pitt Town, together with Police and emergency services, must be commended on the overwhelming and instant response by so many people, who dropped everything to assist in searching for the missing child on Saturday (Who was thankfully found safe and unharmed.)

Every person in our community must be proud of this response, which is something other communities can only dream of.

ANZAC Day Commemoration 2017 in Pitt Town

A cloudy morning with rain threatening didn’t deter the Pitt Town community from attending the 2017 ANZAC Day commemoration. The crowd is estimated to be approximately a thousand people, by far the largest number ever to gather in Pitt Town. Owen Elliot and Brian Huxley were supported by Progress Association President, Peter Ryan in organising…